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"Our company hosted an insurance underwriting conference in July. We gave each attendee a gift bag with an assortment of items such as sun visors, camera, cool cups, snacks and different products from Missouri. We choose the Missouri items due to the fact that most of the attendees were from out of state. After doing some research I found the Missouri cookbook. The response was very good everyone enjoyed looking through the book and especially enjoyed the trivia facts it included about the state of Missouri.

"I appreciate all of your help in getting my questions answered when we were still in the planning stages. I also wanted to say that the ordering process could not have been any easier.

"Again, thank you for all your help."

Tammy Frank
Assistant Underwriter
Missouri Farm Bureau


"You have the nicest employees and the best catalog I have ever seen!"

Marian Hintz, River Hills, WI

"I discovered your 'Joy of Muffins' cookbook and after trying countless recipes my husband says, 'Mmmmm goood!' Thanks to you and the authors for making such a satisfying cookbook."

Barbara Filscher, Ventura CA

"I have visited your country twice now and I am enjoying your Southwestern cookbooks. We are planning to get one for every state we visit!"

Dee Swinson, Glen Innes, Australia